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Meet the Top 5 Finalists for Canada’s Total Mom Pitch!

Canada's Total Mom Pitch presented by TD has been a highly anticipated event for all the moms out there who aspire to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses.

After careful evaluation and selection by our panel of Executive Judges, we are pleased to announce the top 5 finalists who will be competing for the ultimate prize of $50,000 in cash and business services!

Highlighting The TOP 5 Finalists

This year’s finalists are an incredible group of talented women spanning across industries. We hope that by continuing to highlight the achievements of women we can inspire current and future generations of moms to pursue their passions and strive for success in their own right.

From being one step closer to becoming one of the finalists, to being in the actual TOP 5! They are now even closer to receiving the $50,000 grand prize of money & business services to help them move strategically and successfully, along with the opportunity to connect with investors, advisors, national programs, and business support.


Karen Richard Made Live

Made Live is an AI-powered end-to-end solution bringing picture book publishing into the digital age on a mission to increase diversity in children's books by providing a platform for underrepresented authors. We aim to help publish books that promote inclusive storytelling and representation in children's literature by making it easy and affordable for anyone with a great book idea to bring their story to life, inspiring a new generation of young readers.

Guita Yazdani


Campertunity, the Airbnb of camping. Campertunity is a website that welcomes landowners to list their land for campers to book for short-term stay. Solving the problem of there being too many campers and not enough campsites, Campertunity provides unique campsites while addressing the growing trend of people who want to camp close to home but far enough to see the stars.

Crystal Wood

U Grow Girl

U Grow Girl is a beacon of hope for women who survived child sexual abuse. Through "Time To Heal", our clinically supervised retreat, we provide the education, connection, and support needed so these warriors can experience a profound change in their lives. Our sustainable, locally grown floral and healing-inspired artisan goods serve as a means to cover the cost of the retreat so survivors attend free of charge.

By purchasing from us, you become a part of a bigger mission, the mission to help survivors heal and reclaim their power, your purchase is a symbol of hope and support, a small act of kindness that can have a profound impact on a survivor's life.

Aeryon Ashlie

Aeryon Wellness

At Aeryon Wellness our mission is to “Empower Women With Holistic Health.”

Using the latest in scientific research we formulate and distribute the highest grade, all-natural, support supplements that make a difference. Our innovative use of QR codes provides education, nutrition and strategies to assist women on their journey to sustainable health and wellness.

At Aeryon Wellness, we pride ourselves on creating products that can be trusted by you, your daughters, and best friends.

Aeryon Wellness (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Melanie Cote

Do Good Donuts

At Do Good Donuts, we bake futures.

Do Good is a social enterprise created to hire young adults with developmental disabilities for paid, on-the-job training, where they gain skills, experience and confidence so they can go on to thrive at work in the community. We have been selling fresh, hand-made donuts and cookies at farmer's markets and through catering for two years, but we're about to get a 'hole' lot busier. Our first bricks and mortar Café and Bakery is set to open late this summer.

Do Good Donuts (Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

What’s Next?!

The top 5 finalists will be pitching live at the Canadian Women Entrepreneur (CWE) Industry Gala in Toronto, ON on May 30th.

The winner of Canada’s Total Mom Pitch will receive:

A BIG Thank You to our Sponsors!

None of this would be possible without the dedication and generosity of our sponsors. A big shout out and thank you to TD, Bell, Huumans, Vista, WEKH, Henry Brooks LLP and North Road Digital.

Interested in next year's pitch? Join the waitlist here!


About Total Mom Inc.

Total Mom Inc. is a 100% women-owned organization that is passionate about creating support systems for our members in all areas of life. Our primary audience is women business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. We provide a community platform for moms to access mentorship, resources, high-quality content, courses, and how-tos by leading experts. Total Mom Inc. reaches approximately 17M in Canada and the US, while supporting Canada’s fastest-growing entrepreneurial community of over 20,000 moms.


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