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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Canada's Total Mom Pitch?
    Total Mom Inc empowers real women with ambitious visions to overcome the barriers they face as modern moms in today’s unpredictable economy. Each year, Total Mom Inc produces Canada’s Total Mom Pitch - a national initiative, entrepreneurship grant & awards program + business pitch competition. The Total Mom Pitch gives Canadian business owners an opportunity to be mentored and coached by women who want to share their wisdom and experiences, giving them an advantage in their business journey. The program helps women grow and scale their businesses while accessing the power of education & community. The Total Mom Pitch allows women across Canada to apply for the $50,000 grant + services and access media features and exposure across the country. Not just another pitch competition, the judges and coaches help applicants see potential gaps in their startup that can lead to expensive mistakes and heartaches in the future. We partner with companies supporting equality, diversity and inclusion through recognition awards and scholarships, exploring partnership opportunities and business growth.
  • What are the eligibility criteria?
    Canada’s Total Mom Pitch is for businesses of all stages - from concept to already trading! We request that you have a thought-through and viable business you have begun working on for the past year. To be eligible for Canada’s Total Mom Pitch, you must be, at the time of entry: 1) a legal resident of Canada over the age of 18 (QC residents not eligible ); 2) a self-identifying woman entrepreneur and have been a caregiver at some point in your life so that you would consider yourself mom-identifying (includes but not limited to step-mom, grandmother, adoptive mother); 3) You must own/operate your own business or intend to operate within the Canadian market; 4) Your current total annual sales must be under $1,000,000 CAD; 5) not a Finalist in any previous Canada’s Total Mom Pitch
  • What about women entrepreneurs who are not parents, including women entrepreneurs who are not able to have children, have chosen not to have children or younger women who are planning to have children?
    Total Mom is a social enterprise and media brand that supports moms personally and professionally. There are many business competitions and networks for women in general but we specifically focus on supporting moms who are accessing a unique set of challenges and barriers. That is why Total Mom was born :) This is not about excluding women, it is about focusing on a specific set of women with a unique set of challenges.
  • I'm a mom from Quebec, why can't apply?
    Quebec has strict rules set in place to protect its residents, and we hold the utmost respect for those rules. You can read more about it HERE
  • I'm a previous applicant, can I apply again?
    Yes! As long as you were not a previous Top 5 finalist, you are encouraged to apply again. We love seeing our applicant’s growth :)
  • Are there any application fees?
    The $20 fee is simply a way for the organizers to cover the costs of running the pitch, such as marketing and administration. It's a small investment that helps ensure the competition can provide the best experience possible for everyone involved. Additionally, the fee helps filter out those who may not be fully dedicated to their startup idea, ensuring that only serious and committed entrepreneurs apply. We want to make sure that the competition is filled with passionate and driven individuals who are excited to showcase their innovative products or services. The Total Mom Pitch is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain exposure, receive feedback, and potentially win cash prizes, mentorship, and other resources to help grow their businesses. We believe that the $20 fee is a small price to pay for the invaluable opportunities and support that the competition provides. So, if you're a startup founder with a great idea, we encourage you to apply for Canada's Total Mom Pitch! We can't wait to see all the amazing pitches and help support the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  • How do I apply?
    We are excited to get to know you! We are using a 3rd-party platform to host this competition, the APPLY NOW buttons on the website will lead you to the application. You will then be asked to fill in your application and then click ‘submit’. Voila! Applications are open from October 13, 2023 to January 19, 2024 at 11:59pm EST.
  • What is the timeline of Canada's Total Mom Pitch?
    October 13, 2023-January 19, 2024 - Applications are open March 8, 2024 - The Top 100 Semi-Finalists are announced March 15-April 12, 2024 - Public Voting Period March 21-April 2, 2024 - Top 100 semifinalists will participate in an incubator program where they will be coached and mentored by industry experts April 12, 2024 - The Top 5 Finalists are announced May 30th, 2024 - Grand finale and networking gala. The Top 5 will pitch their business LIVE to the judges and the grand prize winner will be chosen!
  • What do I need to submit?
    All we ask for is some info to let us get to know you and your business a little bit better! Express yourself, some of the details you share will help us shape better programs and contribute to a future where moms with businesses are better supported :) If you make it through the first round you may be asked to submit a short 60-90 second video along with a few more details about you and your business.
  • What do I get for applying?
    The Application creates a clear snapshot of where you are in your business and brings clarity around what you need support with right now. An opportunity to use the application and feedback from the judges to find the cracks in your business and move forward with more clarity on how to fill those gaps. Your answers contribute to an ongoing study and report in Canada that advocates our collective voices and helps organizations and the government understand what we need. When you speak up, they listen. You get eyeballs on you and your business from women-led organizations that are dedicated to giving women more access to business funding and support. A chance to receive $10,000 with an additional $40,000 in business services A shot at getting your business National recognition across the ecosystem via media, social and community sharing Access to a PDF business bundle resource with offers from our partners Opportunity to receive mentorship from successful Canadian women entrepreneurs, large brands and business professionals Be considered for a recognition award given out by a large organization live on the gala stage on May 30th, 2024 Join a community of other ambitious moms who are also growing a business and juggling motherhood
  • What do the Top 100 semifinalists receive?
    A 3-week Total Mom Pitch incubator program introducing you to organizations, brands and funding support Access to the Total Mom Business Private Facebook group where you can connect with alumni and fellow TOP 100s Exposure in the “Meet the Top 100” blog post (highlights you and your business). National video and media campaign featuring the TOP 100 women, their stories and businesses
  • What do the Top 5 Finalists receive?
    Inclusion in a National press release Social promotions about your business and your founder story Media and PR opportunities Session with a pitch expert, coaching you on how to prepare your pitch live on stage Ticket to the Gala and awards show in Toronto happening on May 30th, 2024 Prizing from our partners An incredible runner up Prize basket & special gifts Offers from our partners for one-on-one consulting, support, by a number of our A-List Coaches and Entrepreneurs as well as special programming from our partners. Featured in content, promotions and newsletter profiling your founder story Exposure in front of the Canadian business ecosystem
  • What does the winner receive?
    Media & PR National media exposure highlighting you and your company Inclusion in the post-gala press release Social media Introducing the winner of Canada’s Total Mom Pitch blog post Inclusion in the post gala newsletter Dedicated LinkedIn post tagging you and all the sponsors announcing your big win Facebook post across our pages highlighting your win on stage and speech Grant and prize pack $10,000 cheque + $40,000 in business products, services and consulting Gala Live cheque presentation on stage, pictures on the red carpet, media interviews, thank speech on stage, meet & greet with all the Judges backstage + group shot
  • What are the terms & conditions of Canada's Total Mom Pitch?
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