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Introducing the Top 100 semifinalists for Canada's Total Mom Pitch

Canada's Total Mom Pitch has returned for its 5th season with our award-winning entrepreneur search, grant and awards program.

Now it’s time to introduce our official Topm 100 semi-finalists in Canada's #TotalMomPitc presented by TD .

This year's semifinalists bring together a diverse and talented group of women from all across the nation with some truly unique products and services.

It’s Time To Highlight The TOP 100 Semi-finalists...

While the pandemic completely uprooted us in many ways, it forced many entrepreneurs to develop new ideas to expand their businesses remotely.

These moms took a chance on themselves and their businesses amid their busy lives of raising a family 24/7. They invested in their business through their application, telling their story for the opportunity to tap into the power of the #Totalmom community and make powerful connections.

The top 100 semifinalists will participate in a three-week-long Incubator program where they will learn and connect with experts from some of Canada’s most influential companies.


These 100 women are now in the running to become one of the TOP 5 finalists. They are one step closer to receiving the $50,000 grand prize of money & business services to help them move strategically and successfully, along with the opportunity to connect with investors, advisors, national programs, and business support.


Join us in voting for the semi-finalists and discover businesses nationwide by astounding women balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship!

Learn about new businesses, see what’s inside our community, and show these women your support! Each of these women has a company that started from an idea through experience, family or what they saw was needed by others. Support them in bringing it to the next level by

VOTING between now and May 4th!

Register with your name and email to place your vote HERE. Make sure to check spam for your confirmation!

ATTENTION APPLICANTS > You must use a separate email other than the one you registered with.

Meet the Executive Judges


  • May 4, 2023 - The top 5 semi-finalists will be announced on May 4th - LIVE at 1 PM EST across all socials @totalmominc

  • Mothers Day - Bell x Total Mom | Meet the Top 100 Moms across Canada running their business and juggling motherhood

BIG NEWS! Total Mom Inc won an anthem award for Canada’s Total Mom Pitch.

Total Mom Website >

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