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The 2023 Canada's Total Mom Pitch presented by TD

From left to right: Melanie Cote (Do Good Donuts), Karen Richard (Made Live), Aeryon Ashlie (Aeryon Wellness), Anna Sinclair (Total Mom Inc), Guita Yazdani (Campertunity), Crystal Wood (U Grow Girl)

The Canadian Women Entrepreneur (CWE) Gala was abuzz with excitement as it played host to the grand finale of Canada's Total Mom Pitch. This groundbreaking competition aimed to empower and support entrepreneurial mothers across the country, providing them with a platform to showcase their innovative business ideas. With a diverse range of talented moms vying for the top spot, the finale was a culmination of hard work, passion, and determination.

Pitches that Inspired

In front of an audience of 400+, the top 5 finalists took the stage to present their pitches at the Canadian Women Entrepreneur (CWE) Industry Gala. Each participant brought forth a unique business concept, highlighting the impressive creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that flourishes within Canadian mothers.

The finalists took the stage one by one, delivering captivating pitches that left the audience in awe. The moms confidently presented their business ideas, articulating their visions, and demonstrating their passion. The atmosphere was electric as their entrepreneurial journeys unfolded, inspiring everyone in attendance.

The top 5 finalists pitching live on stage at the CWE Gala

A Panel of Expert Judges

To ensure a fair and insightful evaluation, a panel of expert judges, comprising seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, were entrusted with the task of assessing the finalists. Their expertise and experience played a crucial role in determining the winner of Canada's Total Mom Pitch, making the competition even more thrilling.

The Executive Judges in action at the CWE Gala

Supportive Community and Mentorship

Throughout the competition, the contestants received unwavering support from the community, as well as access to invaluable mentorship opportunities. Canada's Total Mom Pitch aimed not only to discover and celebrate remarkable mompreneurs but also to provide them with the necessary resources and guidance to transform their ideas into thriving businesses.

This year's finalist mentors included:

Alison Drader - Country Sales Manager, Corporate Canada, Google - Supporting U Grow Girl

Ben Wise - Head of Programmatic Media, Google - Supporting Campertunity

Julie Cole - Co-Founder, Mabel's Labels - Supporting Do Good Donuts

Paula Festas - Co-Founder and CEO, huumans - Supporting Aeryon Wellness

Paul Brassard - Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Volition - Supporting Made Live

The Winner of Canada's Total Mom Pitch

After much anticipation, the judges made their decision, selecting the winner of Canada's Total Mom Pitch - Aeryon Wellness!

Presenting the winner of Canada's Total Mom Pitch

Aeryon Wellness is a wellness brand that uses the latest in scientific research to formulate and distribute to the highest grade, all-natural, support supplements that make a difference. Their innovative use of QR codes provides education, nutrition and strategies to assist women on their journey to sustainable health and wellness.

“To make it to the top five finalists is incredible. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d win,” said Aeryon Ashlie, CEO of Aeryon Wellness, “but the best part is having my daughter here to witness the whole thing. It is really a total mom moment.”

The winner of Canada's Total Mom Pitch, Aeryon Ashlie, Founder and CEO, Aeryon Wellness

Also Featured - Recognition Award Winners

joni – Design for Success Award by Vista

Shine Transformation Services – Most Transformational Business Award by huumans

The Bread App – Bell Digital Innovation Award

WeApply – Black Moms Connection Village Award

Boxing4Health – IP Star Award by Henry Brooks LLP

EMKAO Foods – TD Social Enterprise Award

Well Bebe – Social Media Champion Award by North Road Digital

Black Goat Metalworks - Viewer's Choice Award

A Platform for Growth

Canada's Total Mom Pitch not only offered a competitive platform but also served as a catalyst for growth and development. The finalists, irrespective of the outcome, gained invaluable exposure, connections, and feedback to refine their ideas and strategies. The journey didn't end with the finale; it marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their entrepreneurial ventures.

See the program here:


We had so much support to make this year's #totalmompitch come to life

Thank you to our top 5 finalists, who put their faith in us and showed up so authentically.

Thank you to our presenting sponsor, TD and Krystal Van Westerop and Jennifer Monaco for diving into the Pitch family!

An extra special thank you to our sponsors of this program:

TD - Presenting Sponsor

Bell - Dedicated Telecommunications Sponsor

Huumans - Dedicated Bookkeeping Sponsor

North Road Digital - Dedicated Digital Advertising Sponsor

Vista - Dedicated Printing/Design Sponsor

Henry Brooks LLP - Dedicated Legal Sponsor

WEKH - Research Partner

UPS - Shipping Partner

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