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Announcing The TOP 100 semi-finalists in Canada's Total Mom Pitch

Okay, Canada, it’s time to reveal these women-led Canadian businesses who made Canada’s Total Mom Pitch TOP 100 LIST!!

The third annual Canada’s Total Mom Pitch, produced by Total Mom Inc., returns to lead mom entrepreneurs through the rapidly evolving political, technological and corporate landscapes, along with personal circumstances. Presented by the Scotiabank Women Initiative and powered by GoDaddy, the start-up competition and business summit is recognized as Canada’s fastest-growing business community for mom entrepreneurs.

It’s Time To Highlight The TOP 100 Semi-finalists.

This winter, hundreds of ambitious moms across Canada took a chance on their business while raising a family and driving impact. After the endless obstacles and barriers we have faced through the pandemic, new ideas were born, while others pivoted and expanded their business models and went online.

Moms across the country took control of their situation and invested in their business through their application to access a brighter future through an impactful story and company of their own. This year, the Top 100 applicants will get the opportunity to participate in a 3-week long Entrepreneurship and Innovations Business Accelerator where they will be connected to brands and mentors, as well as being awarded a 3-month scholarship to The Total Mom Business Membership.


These 100 women are running for TOP 5 and are one step closer to receiving the $30,000 grand prize of money & business services to help them move strategically and successfully along with the opportunity to connect with investors, powerful introductions and business support.


Join us in voting for the semi-finalists and discover Canadian businesses across the country that are rocking motherhood & entrepreneurship on a whole new level.

Voting is NOT about a popularity contest but about rallying our community, discovering new businesses, and showing these women your support. Over the next couple of weeks, judges will narrow down the semi-finalists to move into the Top 5 Finalists, happening from April 25, 2022- to April 29, 2022

Register with your name and email to place your vote HERE. Make sure to check spam!

ATTENTION APPLICANTS > You must use a separate email other than the one you registered with.

Thank you for showing up and standing for your passion projects, knowing the impact you are making. If you are interested in staying in touch with us, Join our closed FB group called Total Mom Business.

Mom entrepreneurs from coast to coast are connecting and sharing their stories. We will continue to connect ambitious moms with successful leaders and experts who will help them see potential gaps in their start-up and avoid expensive mistakes and heartaches.

Meet the 2022 Executive Judges

Join us at THE TOTAL MOM BUSINESS SUMMIT presented by Clearco Powered by Zoho

We invite applicants, executives, and business owners to join us on May 30th & 31st at the Virtual Total Mom Business Summit Presented by Clearco, Powered by Zoho.

Get your tickets here>> The summit will feature business trends, masterclasses, speakers, a digital small business market followed by 3 days of replays!

About The Total Mom Inc

The Total Mom Pitch was founded in 2018 by Anna Sinclair who is a former signed pop artist and actress and award-winning businesswoman. She is the founder and CEO of the Media brand Total Mom Inc. Advancing professionally as an entrepreneur after having children made the uphill journey remarkably harder. This inspired her to grow a global online community with a mission to support women to live a life they love while building successful businesses and being a mom. Anna talks about Business Advice, Entrepreneurship, Equality, Small Business, branding, working moms & digital marketing. Advancing professionally as an entrepreneur after having children made the uphill journey remarkably harder for Anna which inspired her to grow a global online community with a mission to personally & professionally support women to live a life they love while building successful businesses.

Anna's vision with the company is to continue positively impacting women through equitable access to business skills , economic opportunities and overall positive wellbeing. Now more than ever moms need an online platform they can rely on that connects them to the people and things that bring true value to their lives. Her Startup Total Mom Inc. has disrupted the “mom space “ to extend support systems and valuable experiences that put the focus back on mom.

Total Mom Inc. is a social enterprise and media brand that produces programs, event experiences, products and services that take moms from overwhelmed to supported both personally and professionally.

About The Scotiabank Women Initiative

The Scotiabank Women Initiative® is a signature program designed to increase economic opportunity for women and non-binary people to be successful, now and in the future. This globally expanding, unique offering helps women pursue their best professional and financial futures by providing unbiased access to capital and tailored solutions, bespoke specialized education, holistic advisory services and mentorship. Whether supporting women to take their careers and businesses further, collaborating with inclusion-focused leaders and companies, providing women-owned and women-led businesses with equitable access to funding or helping women take charge of their finances, The Scotiabank Women Initiative breaks down barriers to empower women to succeed on their own terms. For more information, visit

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy is empowering everyday entrepreneurs around the world by providing all the help and tools to succeed online. With over 20 million customers worldwide, GoDaddy is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers, and manage their work. Our mission is to give our customers the tools, insights, and people to transform their ideas and personal initiative into success. To learn more about the company, visit


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